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The Hellenic International Academy- a brief History


With the earlier establishment of the Hellenic Primary School (on its present campus) in 1975 and the establishment in 1994 of the Pre-School it was inevitable, sooner or later, that the proposal of a Secondary School foundation would arise. Indeed, the huge success of both the Primary School and Pre-School and the increasing demand for a quality co-educational high school led to the first concrete proposals for the establishment of the Hellenic Academy.

The initial impetus came from the ‘Hellenic High School Project Committee’ under the chairmanship of Mr. M. Babiolakis back in the middle to late 1990’s. An impressive Academy plan was drawn up by Conryn architects and a Trust Fund was set up. The total costs for the Academy were then set at USD 4.5 million. One has to pay tribute to this pioneering group for much ground-work was laid, including the securing of a 29 hectare area of land in Newlands. The plans, however, never came to fruition. In the year 2000, emerging political and economic turmoil in Zimbabwe effectively scuttled the first attempt to establish the Hellenic Academy.

Under the visionary Presidency of Mr. Costa Mutzuris, the Hellenic and Districts Hellenic Community resurrected the idea of founding a High School. While the political and economic problems had, in fact, become more widespread by 2007, some critical factors came into play: first among these was the securing, in the first months of 2007, of substantial funds (for the first phase of the project) from the Government of Greece and the Orthodox Patriarchate of All Africa. Secondly, the establishment of a powerful and determined ‘steering committee’ under the Chairmanship of Mr. Evan Christophides secured the confidence of the Hellenic and, indeed, wider community in Zimbabwe.

Crucial too was the widespread support manifested, and approval given, at the Annual General Meeting of the HDHC on the 18th March 2007.

In the few months that followed an astonishing amount of work was done. The Steering Committee secured the services of Sarah Morgan, architect, and work began immediately on the 1st phase, the relocation and building of the New Hellenic Pre-School. By September that year, the nursery school children and teachers took possession of a beautiful, impressive structure. The opening ceremony and blessing, conducted by His Eminence Archbishop George, was a moving and joyful experience for all who attended as it meant the Academy was finally a reality. Indeed, on the old nursery school site the new Admin and Form 1 areas were simultaneously being built.

On Monday, January 21, 2008, 76 Hellenic Academy students, proud in their new uniforms, entered the portals of the HIA building: not an improvised structure, but a ‘state of the art,’ elegant, and attractive secondary school. The 2nd phase had already been completed......... and it was nothing short of the miraculous!

Cav. C. Trinci  O.M.R.I. 
BA (Hons) BEd

2007 1st phase- HIA under construction
2008 - HIA buildings
Hellenic Academy - 1st Assembly


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