Nursery School History

Our nursery school began in 1988 under the leadership of the Hellenic Community and Richard Crook who was Headmaster at that time. It comprised a single room that was situated where the Academy administration block is now. All the children were Greek with both pre-school ages grouped together and taught in Greek by Litsa Alexopoulos, a nursery teacher from Greece.

When Tex Harding took over as Headmaster from Mr Crook in 2002, he proposed that the Hellenic Community open up the school to non-Greek children. Mr Harding recruited Nia Verghis and Henriette Ioannides as teachers in January 2003 and our nursery assistant Charity Chimbwanda.

They had to set up and organise a second classroom and hope it would be a success! Applications came flooding in and so began the Hellenic Nursery School as we now know it. Enrolment in our first year was thirty-five children, with seventeen in Miss Nia’s Blue Class and eighteen in my Red Class. Miss Nia taught the three to four year olds and Mrs I the four to five year old pre-schoolers.

Henriette Ioannides became Head of Department of the Nursery School in 2005 when Corrado Trinci replaced Mr Harding as Headmaster. The school grew from strength to strength and in 2007 we were informed that a high school was to be built..

The buildings for the senior school were to be built on the land where our nursery was operating from and we learnt that we would be getting brand new premises at the primary school!
The new Hellenic Nursery School was inaugurated by Mr Trinci in the third term of 2007, with a blessing ceremony by Archbishop Giorgos and Father George. It was a prestigious affair, a very happy gathering, which was attended by many dignitaries: the late Mr Tony Antoniades, who was the prevailing President of the Hellenic Federation, Mr Costa Mutzuris, then President of the Hellenic Community and Greek Ambassador to Zimbabwe at the time, Mr A Soulios.

In 2012, the Hellenic Community decided that with the Nursery School’s popularity and high demand for places, a new block of two additional classrooms would be added. Kathy Fowler joined our team, teaching a second class of three to four year olds in Yellow Class, and Kerry Wicks began as our new fourth teacher. So since 2014 we have had two classes for each of the two age-groups, increasing our enrolment to 88 children..