In line with school policy, Hellenic’s current academic, remedial and sports staff are all academically qualified for the grades, subjects or disciplines they teach.

Teachers regularly attend training and meetings to keep up to date with trends and developments in education policy and methodology.

Hellenic’s educational “open door” policy means parents may address any concerns to the Head and staff. Parents are always welcome to make an appointment and consult with teachers. Our staff, both in and out of the classroom aim to create a loving, positive and progressive learning environment for each and every student at the school.

Head Mistress: Hilary Middleton
Deputy Head Mistress: Lisa Rickards
Senior Mistress: Adie Le Roux

Nursery School Head Teacher: Henriette Ioannides (Mrs I)
Nursery School Teachers: Kerry Wicks, Nia Mills and Kathy Fowler.

Grade 1: Michelle Curry and Kim Bowie
Grade 2: Monica Chitepo and Shanaugh Shaw
Grade 3: SJ La Grange and Dominique Parkinson
Grade 4: Cheryl Winterbottom and Sennie Makunike
Grade 5: Lisa Rickards and Megan Levey (Nicole Elliott on maternity leave to return in 2018)
Grade 6: Elizabeth Masson and Pam Dalton
Grade 7: Adie Le Roux and Les Stone
Senior Maths: Tracey Hutchings
Greek: Eleftherios Ntokoutsis and Maria Papayianni
Shona: Shirley Madzime and Enesta Taliona
Computers: John Collins
Art: Janice Bell
Music: Shasha Banda
NILD and Learning Support: Nicky Savo
Delphi Centre and Learning Support: Shirley Norvall, Jaime Philp
Thrass Program: Samantha Rousseau
Sports Staff: Bronwyn Keitzmann, Ray Funani, Craig Evans, Sandy Grant and Bobby Odilo.
Life Skills: Louise Sheers

Administration: Sandy Darroch, Loredana Banks and Shaleen Dutlow

Hellenic Primary School Staff