Learning Support

The Delphi Learning Centre

The Delphi Learning Centre is based at Hellenic Primary School, and offers support to students with learning difficulties. Students displaying specific learning requirements are given the opportunity to develop skills and strategies in a small group setting. The aim of this centre is to equip students to reach and maintain their full potential in a mainstream classroom environment.

Delphi Learning Centre

NILD Therapy

NILD is an exciting concept in educational therapy, developed in America. It is neither tutoring nor extra lessons, rather it focuses on the development of clear, efficient thinking. NILD therapy builds effective learning processes and aims to ‘re-train’ the brain. NILD therapists use mediated learning which aims to develop thinking and reasoning skills, the focus is on HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Students in NILD Educational Therapy® receive two 80-minute sessions of intensive educational therapy per week. These sessions include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty and to improve their overall ability to think, reason and process information. Techniques emphasise basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling, math, and applying reasoning skills.

Search and Teach

Search & Teach® is an early intervention programme developed to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure.
SEARCH is a 20-minute screening tool designed to identify 5 and 6-year olds with perceptual difficulties which may render them vulnerable to reading problems. The screening tool measures 10 foundational learning areas and provides profiles of individual strengths and vulnerabilities in the readiness skills necessary for classroom success.

TEACH is a developmentally appropriate programme consisting of 55 learning activities carefully designed to address the individual needs indicated by a SEARCH screening. TEACH is provided to the young child in a one-on-one setting, allowing the student to progress at the rate of their own development.

Thrass Phonics System

At Hellenic, we use the THRASS phonics system from Grade 1 to Grade 4 to help our children with their reading and spelling. THRASS is an anagram for Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills. THRASS teaches learners of any age about the letters, speech sounds and spelling choices of English. Otherwise known as The English Phonics Chart Programme, THRASS uses a range of resources to teach the children to blend the right sounds when they read and to visualise and name the right letters when they spell.

Rx for Reading

Rx for discovery reading is so much more than teaching children basic reading skills. It takes the five essential components of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension – and systematically teaches how to use the NILD materials and methodology to develop these components. Children discover and practice cognitive strategies to develop reasoning and academic abilities. The mixed methods and different ways of approaching comprehension, precis, language and vocabulary development make it more constructive and creative for both the therapist and the students.

The dynamics of a group develops respect for others, encourages verbalization and reasoning (justification) skills, enhances listening skills, creates constructive competition and encourages learning from peers and develops creative thinking.

Many of the children suddenly discover they know more than they think they do, which raises confidence – and comprehension can then become more enjoyable and challenging, not tiresome and difficult.