Primary School

The academic timetable is based on a weekly cycle, with academic activities taking place every morning, and the extra-curricular, cultural and sport programme occupying every afternoon.

Assessment of each pupil is done continuously throughout the year, with progression and performance reports being provided all terms for each child. Regular consultation days are scheduled for all the grades, and parents are welcome to arrange to meet with classroom teachers and heads at anytime.

Hellenic Primary School aspires to help the children in our care to develop as a whole person, becoming confident, happy, independent, creative and adaptable: to love learning and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Hellenic Primary School believes that knowing each child as an individual is vital to success. We are a family and united share our successes and challenges, proud of our high standard and expectations.

As a learning community, we aim for excellence and recognise that all members of the school can make a difference to those around them. We aim to provide our learners with the firm foundations needed to underpin lifelong learning.

We believe that knowing each child as an individual is at the heart of success. We aim to challenge and support all learning, in an environment where safety, warmth and trust are key values. We want our children to be happy, have high self esteem and develop the confidence in themselves and their individual abilities. This will allow learners to handle new situations as they grow up within the Hellenic family.

We aim for our children to enjoy school, develop a questioning and positive approach to life that will equip them for a rapidly changing world.

Hellenic Primary School